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    Tactical Police and Enforcement 





    J3 Textile Solutions prides itself in providing its clients with full circle service. We have our own design and patterning team, this coupled with our 35 years of fabric sourcing experience and a shop of very experienced sewers allows us to offer your Police and Enforcement team with the best possible garments and gear. Do you have special needs or are having trouble finding the garment design that you are looking for? We can help you out.



    Our plant, located in Calgary Alberta, has all of the machines needed. From the workhorse sewing machines of our industry to innovative machines like heat sealing machines, laser cutters and bar tackers we have everything needed to make very functional and durable clothing and gear!



    With 35 years of fabric sourcing experience we can find the technical fabric you are looking for...fabrics that will protect your members, keep them comfortable and provide superior durab;le performance.

    Our heritage is in designing and producing products that need to perform in the diverse conditions of the Canadian Rockies...our in-house design and pattern team has the experience to produce garments and gear that are purposefully designed for the needs of your team. Let us show you what we can do.


    Late in 2021, Spirit West entered into a collaboration with J3 Textile Solutions Inc...the mission...build the best clothing and equipment available for our Canadian Parks, Tactical, Conservation, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue and Industrial personnel.

    With a long history of building and repairing garments made for the Canadian Rockies our heritage allows us to understand what Conservation and Parks need...we love being put to the challenge.

    Located in Calgary AB. all of our products are designed, and manufactured in our plant in the NE of the city. Being local and efficiently sized allows us to take on projects with minimum needs as low as 20 pieces to as high as 250. Our in-house design team has the capability to take your organization's desires and build a product specific to meet your needs. Even though it is our standard to have mens and womens sizing for all of the garments on offer, we have the ability to custom fit the garments ordered for each individual on your team. Does your organization have a need for garments or a custom piece of gear for your personnel?

    We would love to hear from you!



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    Repairs and Warranty

    Good News! We built your product right here in our plant in Calgary. It was designed to be easily repaired when necessary, and we have the knowledge, tools, and original fabrics to get the job done correctly. Our warranty is super simple; all workmanship is under warranty for three years...after which repairs are done at a preferential rate.

    Service contracts

    When it comes to technical clothing like waterproof breathable jackets and pants or protective gear like waders it makes sense to put a service contract in place so that your clothing and gear is always working optimally. Services would include professional product cleaning, durable water repellency (dwr) replenishment, and leak tests...after all the more comfortable your team is the better they will perform! Call us to discuss service contracts to gear you already have, or are going to order from us!


    No but of course ones or twos of a product will be costly to you. Ideally we like to work with orders that are between 20 and 250 pieces


     Feel free to leave your questions to us. We will reply you within 24 hours!

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    Calgary, AB Canada

    • Information : +1 403 111 1111
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