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    Customize Your Adventure

    It is not just a lifestyle, it is a whole new perspective

    MAde in Canada

    Introducing Spirit West, a premium craft manufacturer of outdoor clothing and gear

    Born in Calgary, all of Spirit West products are designed and patterned locally, most are manufactured in our own shop. We strive to source North American sustainably milled fabrics. Bottom Line, our business model is different from any other Brand in the industry…our build to order manufacturing model makes Spirit West the only truly sustainable Outdoor Brand! But what really makes us different? Our high end unique fabric selections and our ability to efficiently custom fit all our products. What else? Spirit West controls all aspects of the Brand Build giving us the advantage of providing consumers what they are looking for…when they are looking for it. We are the only outdoor Brand that can “Customize your Adventure”


    Tread Litely by Spirit West

    Spirit West believes in sustainability...so much so that we have a department within our business "Tread Litely" dedicated to repairing and altering any outdoor brands clothing and gear. We are good at it, enjoy doing it, and love the fact that products keep going and going whether our own Spirit West Brand or any other brand. No green washing here, we help keep clothing and gear out of the land fill and outdoor enthusiasts united with their favorite gear.

    Custom Fit by Spirit West

    All Spirit West clothing and sleeping bags can be custom fit by size and features to be perfectly matched with its owner. Be happy, "Customize your Adventure"


    Meet our team of expert seamstresses, tailors, and machine operators;  Hassan, Shalla, Azim, Tom and Steve. Between us we have more than 125 years of experience in building, repairing and altering specialized outdoor clothing and gear!

    At Spirit West we have all of the best specialized machines to produce our garments and gear...or alternatively repair and alter yours. From Seam Sealing machines to Bartackers, Surgers and single needle or double needle machines we have it all!


    Purpose built by our design team

    Proudly located in Calgary


    Yes, our storefront is unique as it is embedded right into our manufacturing site...where all of the action is:) Please see the contact us section for store hours


     Feel free to leave your questions to us. We will reply you within 24 hours!

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