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    It is not just a lifestyle, it is a whole new perspective

    MAde in Canada

    A Metis owned local offering tailored to customers specific needs with the ability to manufacture high quality textile solutions for any applications.

    This is what two local entrepreneurs envisioned when they created J3 Textile Solutions. Steve Bommer Owner if Spirit west and Dustin Gauthier a local Metis entrepreneur came together to create J3 Textile solutions & Projects Apparel. Through the pandemic they began to foster a relationship & developed the highest quality mask available on the market. One that gave the best level of protection to our customers.

    Since then we have evolved into J3 Textile Solutions a company focused on providing local, custom designed outerwear solutions to the local Canadian market. Whether it's parks & recreations, fish & wildlife, search & rescue, police tactical, personal protective equipment, or even high quality sports apparel we have you covered. We are you local Metis owned solution that is highly adaptable and ready help with any opportunity big or small. We have experience building everything from tents, extreme sporting gear to highly customized all seasoned apparel.

    Our products have been destined and built with a mountain heritage in mind.

    Canadians are a special people...we are in tune with the elements our environment presents us with and fully participate within them. At J3 our garments and gear are designed and built to the standard necessary to keep you comfortable all day long.

    J3 Textile Solutions is located in Calgary AB., all of our products are proudly designed, and manufactured in our plant in the NE of the city. Being local and efficiently sized allows us to take on projects with minimum needs as low as 20 pieces to as high as 250. Our in-house design team has the capability to take your organization's desires and build a product specific to meet your needs.

    Even though it is our standard to have mens and womens sizing for all of the garments on offer, we have the ability to custom fit the garments ordered for each individual on your team. Does your organization have a need for garments or a custom piece of gear for your personnel? We would love to hear from you!


    Purpose built by our design team

    Proudly located in Calgary

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    No but of course ones or twos of a product will be costly to you. Ideally we like to work with orders that are between 20 and 250 pieces


     Feel free to leave your questions to us. We will reply you within 24 hours!

    Educare School

    Calgary, AB Canada

    • Information : +1 403-200-9575
    • dgauthier@live.ca